Valuation of Combination Drug for Alzheimer's Disease

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About the Client –

The company is a dynamic and innovative participant in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, primarily emphasizing the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The organization is committed to creating novel treatment solutions to handle the complicated problems posed by Alzheimer's disease and has a relentless dedication to advancing medical knowledge. Its innovative approach involves the utilization of well-known substances with established safety profiles to develop potentially disease-modifying therapies. The organization aims to reshape the landscape of Alzheimer's disease therapy and have a long-lasting effect on patients' lives through its unique efforts.

Challenge –

The company sought to secure funding for the advancement of its Phase II-ready therapeutic drug. The drug is a re-purposed combination of two established compounds with a well-documented safety profile. It presented a unique proposition as one of the limited pipeline drugs claiming disease-modifying potential, primarily targeting disease progression at the prodromal/mild disease stage. The challenge at hand was to accurately assess the value of the drug, enabling informed discussions with potential investors for financing.

Solutions provided by DiseaseLandscape Insights –

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Drug -

    The drug's potential market positioning, competitive advantages, and therapeutic impact within the Alzheimer's disease landscape were all thoroughly examined by DLI. The target patient population, distinct mechanism of action, and disease-modifying potential were all considered in this analysis.
  • Evaluation of Market Opportunity -

    DLI examined the current and forecast scenario of the Alzheimer's disease treatment market. This was achieved by considering micro and macroeconomic factors including disease prevalence, unmet medical needs, and potential patient demand for disease-modifying medicines.
  • Comparison of the Competitive Landscape –

    DLI compared the offerings of other market players in terms of drug's mechanism of action, development stage, and prospective effects on the disease. We also emphasized the uniqueness of the drug and how it might fill the gap in prodromal/mild disease stage intervention. We further evaluated the investors and funding solutions of our client’s competitors to provide diversified options for funding resources.
  • Modeling of Financial Projections -

    DLI created financial projection models that predicted possible revenue streams, accounting for elements like pricing, market penetration, and potential alliances or licensing contracts.
  • Strategy for Investor Communications -

    DLI developed a compelling and transparent communication approach to explain the drug's value to prospective investors. Important facts, competitive advantages, and the drug's ability to address unmet medical needs were highlighted.
  • Regulatory Assessment -

    DLI considered the drug's stage of clinical development as well as its progress along the regulatory pathway. We assessed the effect of positive Phase II studies on the drug's market value and possibilities for future funding rounds.

Outcome and Benefits –

By offering these services, DiseaseLandscape Insights offered the biotech company the confidence to enter finance debates with a valuation that is accurate and impartially reflects the drug's potential worth in the landscape of Alzheimer's disease treatments. It also paved a way for the company to enter into the new era of Alzheimer's disease treatments.

Additionally, the company was able to identify the uniqueness of its product in comparison with other formulations which elevated its confidence for product launch. Through our strategies to gain investors’ attention, the company achieved remarkable results.

Conclusion –

DiseaseLandscape Insights instilled confidence in the company to embark on the novel pathway of Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and treatment. Our team provided comprehensive solutions to target the total available market for the company’s product.  DLI guided the company to develop strategic plans to achieve its goals while maintaining high-quality standards.

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