Implementation of Software for Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

Client Background:

The US-based pharmaceutical company is a mid-sized organization with a global presence. The company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Along with a vast and intricate supply chain spanning multiple regions and partners, the company had faced difficulties in obtaining real-time track visibility and optimizing operations. The company sought to address that challenge and therefore partnered with DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI), the well know healthcare consultancy firm delivering real-time solutions to their clients. DLI intensively analyzed the situation and offered suitable solutions to address the company's challenges.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Pharma company encountered difficulties in tracking the real-time location of products in the supply chain. This hampered their ability to respond promptly to delays, disruptions, or potential issues, resulting in increased lead times and a higher risk of stockouts.
  2. The absence of a proper software solution for monitoring the supply chain led to major inventory management problems. Pharma company also struggled with maintaining the right stock levels at various stages of the supply chain, leading to excess inventory costs and stock wastage.
  3. The lack of knowledge to predict and analyze issues made it challenging for the company to anticipate potential problems with products, such as quality issues, temperature keeping, or shipment delays due to any technical and operational glitch.

Proposed Solutions by DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI):

As a healthcare consultancy firm, we recommended the following solutions to address the company’s challenges and facilitate informed decision-making:

  • DLI proposed the solution of adopting a comprehensive supply chain monitoring software that utilizes various technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, GPS tracking, and blockchain, to provide real-time visibility across the supply chain. Investing in this with proper software tech company has enabled pharma company to monitor the movement of products from manufacturing facilities to distribution centres and retail outlets.
  • DLI suggested that in order to enhance efficiency and properly predict potential problems, integrating data analytics and predictive tools into the supply chain, the monitoring software will become an important asset to do a possible forecast of the challenges that a company will face. This solution offered by DLI enabled the company to analyzed historical data and identify trends. Predictive analytics also helped client in anticipating demand fluctuations, enabling the company to adjust inventory levels accordingly.
  • Considering the sensitivity of pharmaceutical products to temperature fluctuations and quality issues, we advised our client to implement temperature and quality monitoring sensors throughout the supply chain. These sensors continuously tracked temperature conditions and monitored product integrity during transportation and storage, allowing the company to take immediate action in case of deviations.
  • DLI emphasized the importance of building a collaborative supplier network, where the pharma company would encourage suppliers and logistics partners to integrate with the supply chain monitoring software. This would ensure transparency and real-time data sharing with the track keeper, helping better communication and coordination with higher management in decision-making.

Impact on Pharma Company Growth:

The implementation of the recommended solutions by DLI had a significant impact on the pharma company’s operational efficiency and thereby on growth:

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of logistics in the supply chain allowed the company to identify bottlenecks and streamline operations. This resulted in reduced lead times, faster response to disruptions, and overall improved supply chain efficiency.
  • The integration of data analytics and predictive tools enabled the company to enhance inventory management, which resulted in better cash flow for the company and improved profitability with the right inventory management.
  • With the implementation of temperature and quality monitoring sensors as recommended by DLI in the right place, Pharma Company ensured product integrity throughout the supply chain. This led to a significant reduction in product recalls and compliance issues, thereby safeguarding the company's reputation and enhancing product quality.
  • Predictive analytics as suggested by experts of DLI helped in empowering the Pharma Company to anticipate potential problems with products and take proactive measures. This minimized the impact of disruptions and allowed the company to address issues before they escalated.
  • The supplier network increased better communication and coordination between the company and its partners. This improved supplier relationships with the company and led to a more reliable supply chain and boosted the sales ratio.


Through the integration of supply chain monitoring software and predictive analytics from the best suitable vendor, Pharma company successfully tackled its challenge of making informed decisions to enhance efficiency in the supply chain. The adoption of technology-driven solutions not only improved supply chain visibility and inventory management but also enabled proactive problem mitigation and strengthened supplier relationships. As a result, Pharma company experienced substantial growth, improved operational effectiveness, and reinforced its position as a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry.

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