Analysis of Topical Medication in Psoriasis Treatment

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About the Client Company –

The international drug development company is a pioneer in dermatological innovation. It specializes in the development of topical medications for skin diseases such as Psoriasis. The company is developing a bispecific product in preclinical development for which it reached out to DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI) to gain insights on Psoriasis treatment analysis.

Challenge –

Solutions Provided by DLI –

  • Psoriasis Treatment Market Value Assessment:

DLI performed a thorough market analysis, evaluating the competitor landscape, pricing tactics, and market positioning of existing psoriasis medicines. We evaluated the newly developed topical medication's distinctive qualities and benefits to competitors, highlighting its efficacy, safety profile, mechanism of action, and patient-reported outcomes.

  • Sales Forecast for the Medication –

DLI designed a data-driven sales projection model that analyzes the market size, adoption rates, pricing strategy, patient demographics, and competitor dynamics into account. To validate the forecast assumptions, we analyzed historical market patterns, comparable product launches, and real-world evidence.

  • Commercial Opportunity Assessment –

DLI evaluated the market potential, target patient population, and competitive environment to conduct a full commercial opportunity evaluation. We identified key opinion leaders and spoke with dermatologists and other healthcare experts to learn about their perspectives on the medication's potential and fit within the therapeutic paradigm.

To maximize market penetration, we examined reimbursement regulations, market access hurdles, and prospective partnerships with pharmaceutical companies or healthcare groups. Strategic recommendations on market entry strategies, pricing optimization, promotional campaigns, and potential alliances that can boost the medication's commercial success were provided.

Outcomes and Benefits to the Client –

  • Enhanced Market Positioning

    - Our comprehensive approach to overseeing psoriasis enabled the client to distinguish themselves in the market as a pioneer in providing advanced and efficient solutions. The client positioned themselves as reputable providers of psoriasis care by offering individualized treatments and research-backed methods, expanding their patient base, and enhancing their reputation.
  • Accurate Financial Planning

    - The client received information on the financial aspects of its products and services via DLI's specialist psoriasis management solutions. The company judiciously allocated resources, formulated suitable budgets,  and made investment decisions based on in-depth analytics and data-driven projections, ensuring a stable financial future, and reducing uncertainty.
  • Informed Pricing Strategy

    - We provided information regarding pricing that was in line with patient expectations as well as market dynamics which helped the company to confidently establish competitive pricing. This helped to build patient loyalty and trust.

Conclusion –

DLI’s customized solutions provided the insights and tactics required to excel in the competitive psoriasis therapy industry. The organization is well-suited to making confident decisions that foster success at every stage of its product lifecycle by knowing the value of its medication, accurately estimating sales, and navigating commercial opportunities. The company is well-prepared to reinvent psoriasis therapy and enhance the lives of patients globally by focusing on distinctiveness, informed planning, and strategic execution.

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