Case study: Pharma Healthcare Company’s Collaboration with (CDMOs) &(SMOs)

Published Date : Jul 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About Client Company

Prominent Pharma healthcare company specializing in developing life-saving drugs. To accelerate its drug development and manufacturing processes, the Pharma healthcare company collaborates with Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) and Site Management Organizations (SMOs). However, they faced several challenges and therefore they decided to Seek professional assistance, Pharma healthcare company sought support from DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI) to optimize their collaborations and achieve better outcomes.

Challenges Faced by Pharma healthcare company:

  1. Quality and Compliance with CDMOs:

Pharma healthcare company faced concerns regarding maintaining the high quality of pharmaceutical products manufactured by CDMOs. Ensuring that the CDMOs strictly adhere to regulatory compliance standards had been a challenge for the company, and that led to potential delays and quality issues.

  1. Capacity and Timelines with CDMOs:

The Pharma healthcare company frequently encountered capacity constraints at the CDMOs, which affected the timely delivery of products. The Pharma healthcare company did not receive the manufactured drugs timely, thus hampering their market access and revenue generation.

  1. Patient Recruitment and Retention with SMOs:

SMOs had struggled to efficiently recruit and retain eligible patients for Pharma healthcare company during clinical trials. This hindered the completion of trials within scheduled timelines, ad that resulted in delays in drug approvals and market launches.

  1. Investigator Engagement with SMOs:

Engaging and motivating investigators at the trial sites was a challenge for the Pharma healthcare company. The lack of investigator engagement negatively impacted the trial's efficiency and data quality, which posed potential risks to the drug development process for the company.

Solutions Offered by DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI)

  1. Quality and Compliance Support for CDMOs:

DLI conducted thorough audits and assessments of the CDMOs' quality management systems and manufacturing processes. (DLI) professionals worked closely with the CDMOs to implement best practices and ensured compliance with regulatory standards.

  1. Capacity Optimization and Timelines Management with CDMOs:

DLI continuously assisted Pharma healthcare company in evaluating the CDMOs' capacity and aligned project timelines accordingly. By working collaboratively with CDMOs and introducing efficient project management techniques, DLI aimed to minimize delays and optimize resource utilization for the company.

  1. Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategies with SMOs:

DLI conducted a comprehensive analysis of patient recruitment strategies that were implemented by SMOs. DLI advised targeted patient recruitment plans and leveraged digital marketing and patient engagement tools to attract and retain eligible participants for clinical trials.

  1. Investigator Engagement Enhancement with SMOs:

DLI organized investigators training workshops and fostered open communication channels between investigators and Pharma healthcare company. Company able to incentivize investigators for their contributions and provide continuous support that ensured their active engagement throughout the trial duration.


  • Improved Product Quality and Compliance:

With DLI assistance, the pharma company achieved enhanced product quality from CDMOs, leading to higher patient satisfaction and that helped in increased market acceptance. Compliance with regulatory standards reduced the risk of regulatory issues and product recalls for the company.

  • Streamlined Capacity and Timelines:

By optimizing capacity and timelines management, the pharma company received products from CDMOs on given schedules. This resulted in improved supply chain efficiency and timely market launches, driving revenue growth for the company.

  • Accelerated Patient Recruitment and Retention:

With DLI support patient recruitment strategies lead to faster enrollment and retention of suitable patients in clinical trials. This expedites the drug development process and reduces overall trial costs for the company.

  • Enhanced Investigator Engagement:

Through DLI initiatives, investigator engagement improved, leading to better data collection, increased trial efficiency, and ultimately helped the company in faster trial completion.


Pharma Healthcare Company's collaboration with CDMOs and SMOs was significantly enhanced through the strategic support provided by DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI) in addressing challenges related to Quality and Compliance, Capacity and Timelines with CDMOs, Patient Recruitment, and Investigator Engagement with SMOs, Pharma Healthcare Company experienced improved operational efficiency, accelerated drug development, and strengthened market position with DLI expertise empowered Pharma company to deliver life-saving drugs to patients more efficiently, positively impacted global healthcare outcomes.

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