Case Study: Personalized Treatment with Data-Driven Insights Through Software Application

Published Date : Jul 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About Client Company

A dynamic and innovative biopharmaceutical company Pharma Onco stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the healthcare industry through its cutting-edge analytical solutions and digital transitions powered by applied artificial intelligence (AI). With a heavy emphasis on improving its analytics programs, Pharma Onco company was undergoing a digital transition. The Insights and Analytics team's ultimate objective was to fully equip its sales force with these capabilities before distributing them to other customer-facing departments and thereby had reached to the leading consultancy firm DiseaseLandscape Insights (DLI) to seek assistance. 

Challenges Faced by the Company

  1. The company with the help of insights and analytics wants to design an application that would integrate the characteristics of actual cancer patients with the available treatment options. The customer-facing employment at the biopharma company would receive important data from this new application.
  2. Targeted therapies have made the market more competitive, thus pharma broadly, and cancer faces an urgent need to inform stakeholders about the unique value of their treatments. Firm wanted that provide information on every engagement to aid healthcare practitioners in selecting the best therapies for their patients because access to doctors is getting more and more difficult.

Solutions provided by DLI.

  1. Comprehensive Data Integration:

DLI recommended integration of various data sources, such as Electronic Health Records (HER), clinical trial data, genomics, and patient outcomes, to create a comprehensive and up-to-date database of real cancer patient attributes. This has provided a holistic view of the patient's medical history, disease characteristics, and treatment responses.

  1. Advanced Analytics and AI:

To implement advanced analytics and AI algorithms to analyse the integrated data and identify patterns and trends, DLI-supported understanding of AI-driven predictive models that assisted in identifying the most appropriate treatment options based on patient profiles and treatment efficacy data.

  1. Personalized Treatment Recommendations:

DLI helped to develop an application that generates personalized treatment recommendations for oncologists based on individual patient attributes. This has enabled company to cater specific oncologists intertest to make data-driven decisions tailored to each patient's unique needs, improving treatment outcomes.

  1. Real-Time Insights and Updates:

DLI recommended ensuring the application provides real-time insights and updates on the latest research findings, treatment guidelines, and regulatory changes. This has equipped the sales team to stay informed and adapt their outreach strategies accordingly.

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

DLI suggested designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the application, making it easy for healthcare providers to access and interpret patient data and treatment recommendations.

  1. Training and Support:

DLI recommends providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to the pharma Onco sales team and healthcare providers to ensure effective use of the application and optimize its benefits.

Outcome & Benefits:

  • Increased Market Share:

The application's ability to provide personalized treatment recommendations based on real patient data has placed the pharma Onco company apart from its competitors. This differentiation has led to increased adoption by healthcare providers, which has resulted in market share and growth.

  • Improved Customer Engagement:

The application's valuable insights and real-time updates have enhanced the sales team's ability to engage with healthcare providers more effectively. Thereby, improved customer engagement has led to stronger relationships with key stakeholders and has increased the company's sales opportunities.

  • Enhanced Reputation and Thought Leadership:

By providing a cutting-edge application that empowers healthcare providers with data-driven treatment recommendations, the company has now successfully established itself as a thought leader in the oncology space. This enhanced reputation has attracted new customers and strengthened partnerships with key stakeholders.

  • Better Treatment Outcomes:

Oncologists' access to real-time data and personalized treatment recommendations has led to better treatment outcomes for patients. Positive treatment outcomes have resulted in gaining trust in the company's products.

  • Cost Efficiency:

The application's data-driven approach by the company has helped optimize treatment decisions and minimize trial and error in prescribing medications. This cost-efficient approach has appealed to healthcare providers and payers, driving adoption and market expansion.

  • Long-Term Customer Loyalty:

The ongoing support by the company in training, and continuous improvement have fostered long-term customer loyalty. Therefore, satisfied healthcare providers have now started using the application and recommend the company's products to their peers.

In conclusion, collaborating with DLI and utilizing the services, Company has developed an application that brought together real cancer patient attributes with treatment choices and informs the sales team of the next-best actions that have significantly impacted the company's growth. With an increased market share, improved customer engagement, enhanced reputation, and better treatment outcomes, the Company have established itself as a leader in the oncology space and drive sustainable growth in the healthcare industry.

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