Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Combination Trials- Case Study

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About the client –

The US-based pharmaceutical company is a major influencer in the oncology treatment industry. The company, which sets a high priority on research and development, specializes in finding and creating innovative medicines for a variety of cancer indications, primarily lung cancer. Their goal is to offer novel therapies that are efficient and can significantly improve patients' lives while addressing unmet medical needs in the field of oncology. To get expert advice, guidance, and support on the therapeutics market the company approached the healthcare consulting firm, DiseaseLandscape Insights.

Challenges –

  • The company wanted to gain a greater awareness of the competitive landscape in Lung cancer indications, as well as the current standards of care and key unmet needs.
  • The client was developing a first-in-class small molecule with the potential to treat Lung cancer and its forms. In pre-clinical models, the drug demonstrated considerable synergy with PD1 checkpoint inhibitors, and the organization was interested in learning more about checkpoint combination trials as it prepared to begin its own set of PD1 combination clinical studies.

Solutions –

  • Analysis of the market environment –

To identify significant companies, their marketed medicines, and ongoing clinical studies, DLI conducted an extensive review of the present landscape of competition in lung cancer indications. DLI services not only shed light on the market dynamics but also provided a strategic approach for the optimal success of the company.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Current Standards of Care-

DLI experts reviewed and analyzed the latest treatment and diagnostic guidelines issued by reputable medical associations and regulatory authorities. DLI also conducted comparative analysis which highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of various treatment options. 

  • Checkpoint Combination Trial Analysis –

DLI offered a thorough evaluation of the checkpoint combination trials for lung cancer that were both ongoing and finished. Our services addressed the challenges and limitations encountered in the trials.

  • Assessment of Market Potential and Opportunities –

In terms of lung cancer indications, DLI assessed the market potential for the client's first-in-class small molecule, considering factors including the prospective patient population, market size, and revenue projections.

  • Guidance for Regulatory and Compliance –

DLI provided consultation on the legal specifications and compliance issues pertaining to medication development and clinical trials for lung cancer indications. Our team offered extended support in preparing and submitting regulatory documents to relevant authorities.


  • Support in KOL Engagement and Advisory –

DLI assisted in facilitating Key Opinion Leader (KOL) interaction, acquired knowledge from subject-matter specialists, and obtained insightful comments on the potential of the client's small molecule. We further provided strategic advisory services to help them analyze the feedback received from KOLs.

Outcomes and Benefits –

  • Empowered to pinpoint market gaps - The customer was endowed with the ability to pinpoint market insufficiencies and unmet demands that their best-in-class small molecule may potentially address by acquiring an in-depth understanding of the market environment and observing potential hurdles.
  • Robust clinical trial plan - With the help of insightful information, the client was able to create an efficient clinical trial plan that was in line with the needs of the intended patient population.
  • Successful development and approval of the molecule - The client's clinical trial design and overall development strategy complied with strict regulatory criteria owing to a substantial part of DLI's regulatory compliance advice. The client's small molecule's successful development and eventual approval hinged on this compliance.

Overall, DLI empowered the client with the confidence and thorough market knowledge they needed to approach medication development with the goal of providing lung cancer patients with a treatment that will change their lives.

Conclusion -

By leveraging our DLI Consulting services, the client was able to establish a successful development and commercialization strategy for their first-in-class small molecule. Through the effective application of our services, they not only made data driven decisions but also gained a comprehensive understanding of the lung cancer landscape. Our team of specialists was committed to helping the client throughout their drug development process, ensuring that they had all the pivotal resources necessary to accomplish their goals while delivering their innovative therapy to patients who needed it.

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