Cystic Fibrosis Asset Scouting - Case Study

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About the Client –

The company is one of the prominent players in the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on the delivery of patient-centric approaches to the healthcare market. The company specializes in creating innovative therapeutic solutions that have the potential to completely change the landscape of fibrosis therapy, with an uncompromising dedication to improving medical knowledge. Its goal is to develop ground-breaking treatments that mitigate the impact of fibrotic diseases on individuals and communities by utilizing the latest research, multidisciplinary collaborations, and a comprehensive understanding of disease mechanisms. To navigate challenges and seize growth opportunities, it joined hands with with DiseaseLandscape Insights.

Challenge –

  • The prominent challenge was to identify the promising first-in-class drug molecules which target cystic fibrosis, specifically those in the critical phase between candidate selection and Phase 2 clinical development. Along with this, the company also wanted to gain information about the prominent drugs used for cystic fibrosis. To navigate this challenge and seize growth opportunities, the organization connected with DLI’s services.
  • The company sought a detailed analysis of the novel API, encompassing its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies, along with its safety and efficacy, and compliance with standards mentioned in all pharmacopoeias.

Solutions Provided by DLI–

  • A Comprehensive Scouting Approach –

DLI developed an extensive scouting plan that identified possible assets aligning with the company's emphasis on cystic fibrosis. We used databases, networks, and in-depth industry knowledge to identify candidates showcasing excellent therapeutic potential.

  • Analysis of Therapeutics Landscape –

DLI performed an examination of the available cystic fibrosis treatment options. We looked at recent findings, clinical studies, and developing trends to find gaps and chances for new assets.

  • Due Diligence and Intellectual Property Assessment -

We performed due diligence to evaluate the patent rights and intellectual property landscape surrounding the identified assets. By taking this action, the company was able to safeguard and protect its investment.

  • Strategic Alignment and Fit -

DLI ensured that the identified assets align strategically with the company's existing portfolio and therapeutic approach for cystic fibrosis. Our team evaluated their potential synergies and contribution to the overall pipeline strategy.

  • Clinical Development Stage -

Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of clinical development, DLI focused on assets that have advanced past candidate selection. This accelerated the development process while ensuring a balance between risk and return.

  • Standards and Regulatory Affairs -

DLI provided detailed studies on regulatory frameworks by communicating with a number of regulatory affairs companies to gain precise knowledge about standards mentioned in different pharmacopeias (IP, BP, USP, EP). This consideration helped our client to think about moving ahead with these regulations to get faster approvals.

Conclusion –

By implementing these solutions, DiseaseLandscape Insights empowered the pharmaceutical company to make informed decisions regarding the acquisition or in-licensing of first-in-class assets for cystic fibrosis treatment. Our approach seeks to align innovation with strategic objectives, ensuring the expansion of the development pipeline with assets that have the potential to significantly impact the lives of individuals affected by cystic fibrosis.

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