Creation of Innovative Medication Case study

Published Date : Jul 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

About Client Company

The well-known healthcare company, an important player in the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on the creation of innovative medications for multiple therapeutic areas. Although the healthcare company has been successful in bringing several drugs to market, company had trouble in selecting clinical trial sites. This makes the selection process inefficient, causing delays and higher costs thus, hindering the company's overall growth and revenue.

A healthcare company decided to collaborate with the leading healthcare consulting firm, "Disease Landscape Insights," known for its experience in optimising clinical trial procedures and boosting market competitiveness, in response to the urgent need to handle the site selection problems.

Site selection challenges for the healthcare company:

  1. The business had difficulties in identifying and gaining access to the right patient demographics for its clinical trials.
  2. It also lacked a comprehensive data analytical system to assess achievable trial locations.
  3. Regulatory compliance problems: In certain cases, the trial sites that were chosen previously encountered issues with regulatory compliance, which caused delays as well as hampered the approval procedure.

Solutions Provided by DLI

  1. Advanced Data Analytics- DLI utilized an innovative data analytics platform that makes use of real-time data and machine learning algorithms to suggest suitable trial sites with a greater likelihood of success. To achieve more precise forecasts, the software considers elements including patient demographics, past trial results, and regulatory compliance history.
  2. Expanded Patient Database- By combining data from numerous sources, such as hospitals, clinics, and electronic health records, the DLI consulting firm collaborated with the pharma company to build an extensive patient database based on client requirements. This improved database made company easier to locate eligible patient populations quickly.
  3. Streamlined Regulatory Compliance - The DLI worked with the pharmaceutical company to understand the legal and regulatory terms to develop reliable processes and systems in specific region. This was done to handle regulatory compliance difficulties in more swift manner. As a result, there were fewer delays and a smoother clearance procedure because possible trial sites guaranteed to meet all relevant regulatory standard.
  4. Site Feasibility Assessments- DLI conducted thorough feasibility assessments for potential trial sites to gauge their ability to meet specific trial requirements. This process included evaluation of infrastructure, medical expertise, and patient recruitment capabilities.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Accelerated Trial Timelines: A pharma company has witnessed significantly overall shorter trial durations, enabling early completion and market access for new medication. This has been made possible by the deployment of DLI’s data-driven site selection and optimized workflows.
  • Greater Market Share: Pharma company is now having a competitive advantage due to faster and more effective drug launch. This has raised market share and strengthened their position in the specific drug sector.
  • Cost Savings: The organization has cut down on unnecessary costs resulting from trial delays, site inefficiencies, and duplication efforts due to the DLI’s enhanced site selection procedure.
  • Increased Revenue: The company is currently generating more revenue and is thankful to DLI’s timely efforts and fast solutions that helped them to minimise the cost.

DLI and pharma company worked together to solve the site selection problems that the company had during clinical trials. The company is able to cut costs, expand market share, accelerated its trial schedules, and raised revenue by utilizing data-driven insights and process optimization. These developments have strengthened the company's position as an important player in the pharmaceutical sector, laying the foundation for future growth and success for all its stakeholders.

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