To Launch More Affordable Drugs and Improve Productivity Through Cost-Effective R&D

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Santosh Salgare

Client Background:

The Europe-based Pharma Company is a leading research and development (R&D) company with a vision to launch more affordable drugs and improve productivity through cost-effective R&D. Despite its track record of successful drug development, the company had faced challenges in the production of drugs to higher costs and longer development timelines. To address these issues, the company decided to collaborate with a renowned healthcare consultancy firm to identify and implement strategic solutions.


  1. High R&D costs as the existing drug development process had become costly, with high investments spendings required by the company for drug discovery, clinical trials, and regulatory approvals.
  2. Long R&D cycles of the company had delayed product launches leading to high spending on drug launching, leading to missed market opportunities, and reduced competitiveness and market share.
  3. The company aimed to develop more affordable drugs to cater to a broader patient base and more product lines, but the high R&D costs hindered this objective of the company.

Recommended Solutions by DiseaseLandscape Insights:

After conducting a thorough analysis of the Pharma Company’s R&D and challenges DiseaseLandscape Insights proposed the following solutions:

  • DLI helped the Implementation of cutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to understand R&D processes for the company. Using predictive analytics to identify potential drugs with higher success probabilities and investing in those products, reducing the risk of failed trials and associated costs.
  • DLI asked the company to collaborate with external research institutions, universities, and biotech firms to share resources, knowledge, and risk in drug development to reduce operational costs.
  • DLI assisted in adopting proper management principles to streamline R&D workflows, eliminate waste of resources and energy, and optimization of all resource utilization. DLI also implemented cross-functional teams for faster decision-making and better coordination between departments.
  • Engaging proactively with regulatory authorities to gain early insights into changing guidelines, have resulted in reducing regulatory disturbances and approval timelines. DLI also assisted client in providing insights on investing in regulatory intelligence tools to stay updated with the latest regulations and requirements.

Impact on Company's Growth:

The adoption of advanced AI-driven decision-making helped the company to identify potential drug products with higher success probabilities, that had significantly reduced the number of failed trials and associated costs.

The incorporation of the right management and cross-functional teams helped R&D workflow, resulting in reduced development timelines. This has enabled the company to launch its drugs in the market faster and gain a competitive advantage over peers.

Outsourcing certain non-core R&D functions and collaborating with external research institutions helped client to optimize resource allocation and enhance overall R&D productivity. This helped the company lead to higher-quality research outcomes.

After investing in regulatory intelligence and engaging proactively with regulatory authorities, Pharma Company navigated the regulatory landscape more efficiently. That led to smoother approvals and faster time-to-market for new drugs, contributing to increased revenue generation.


Through collaboration with DiseaseLandscape Insights DLI the healthcare consultancy firm and implementing the recommended solutions by us, Pharma Company successfully grew its R&D efficiency significantly. The adoption of data analytics, lean management, outsourcing, and strategic collaborations resulted in cost reductions, increased affordability, accelerated drug development, and improved regulatory compliance. These positive outcomes have bolstered the company's growth and competitiveness and also strengthened its position in the market as a reliable provider of affordable and innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

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