Everything you need to know about top Monkeypox disease players

Published Date : Nov 2023
Author : Shruti Gaikwad

Monkeypox is a rare viral disease that is similar to, but less severe than, smallpox. Pharma and biotech companies are working on monkeypox by developing diagnostic tests, antiviral treatments, and vaccines. They aim to create reliable and rapid diagnostic tools for early detection, antiviral therapeutics for treatment, and vaccines for prevention, ultimately contributing to the management and containment of monkeypox outbreaks and related infectious diseases. These efforts are critical for public health preparedness and response to emerging infectious threats.

Here is a glimpse of the top industry leaders strengthening their foothold in this vertical-

Thermo Fisher Scientific

This biotechnology company was established in 1956 by George N. Hatsopoulos. Its headquarters are located in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States. It is a leading producer and supplier of life science solutions, analytical instruments along with diagnostics and treatment therapeutics.

 Thermo Fisher Scientific has contributed significantly to the fight against monkeypox disease by providing essential tools and technologies for accurate diagnostics, research, and understanding of the disease. Its molecular diagnostic tests and laboratory equipment have played a vital role in the early detection and characterization of monkeypox, aiding healthcare professionals and researchers in effectively managing and containing outbreaks. Through ongoing collaborations and innovation, the company continues to support efforts to combat monkeypox and other infectious diseases by delivering cutting-edge solutions to the scientific and medical communities.

ACON Biotech

The biotechnology firm was established in 1996 with its headquarters in San Diego, California, USA. It is known for producing a wide range of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, including rapid diagnostic tests for various medical conditions. In respect to the monkeypox disease vertical,  ACON Biotech has been making extensive efforts to facilitate quick and accurate diagnosis of this infectious ailment with its rapid diagnostic test developments in the forms of kits and reagents. With rapid technological upgradation, the role of this company in addressing monkeypox disease is also evolving over time.

SIGA Technologies Inc.

This American pharma company was established in 1995. It is known for developing and marketing antiviral treatment for infectious diseases such as smallpox, monkeypox, cowpox, along with vaccinia complications.

It is made significant strides when it comes to monkeypox treatment. It is widely known for its development of antiviral drugs, such as TPOXX (tecovirimat), which is designed to treat orthopoxvirus infections, including monkeypox. TPOXX was granted FDA approval for the treatment of smallpox in 2018, and it may have potential utility in treating other orthopoxvirus infections.


Emergent BioSolutions Inc. was established on September 5th, 1998. It has its headquarters located in Rockville, Maryland, United States.  It is known for developing antibody therapeutics for infectious diseases including monkeypox. The company is currently working on developing effective vaccines for emerging  infectious ailments, with monkeypox on its top priority.

It further operates advanced manufacturing facilities for vaccine and therapeutic production. This capacity could be used for the large-scale production of vaccines or treatments for monkeypox if such products were in demand. It is dedicated to addressing public health threats, making them a valuable partner in responding to infectious disease outbreaks.

Chimerix Inc.

This biotechnology company was established in 2000 with its headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, United States. Chimerix primarily develops antiviral therapeutics to combat a variety of viral infections, including those caused by DNA viruses.

Its antiviral drugs could be applied to the treatment of viral infections, including monkeypox. It is also actively engaged in research and development efforts to create antiviral therapeutics that can effectively target and treat monkeypox.

The company is known to have been collaborating with government health agencies and organizations working in the field of infectious diseases to advance the development and availability of antiviral treatments for monkeypox.

Summing Up

Monkeypox is a complexed disease and requires heavy research by medical experts to understand its characteristics and traits. The top organizations, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, diagnostic manufacturers, and government health agencies, are collectively contributing to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of this rare viral infection. Their efforts in vaccine development, therapeutic innovation, diagnostic advancements, and collaboration with international health bodies are crucial for public health readiness and response in the face of emerging infectious diseases. As they continue to drive progress in this field, their commitment to protecting global health security remains a beacon of hope in our ever-evolving battle against infectious threats.

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