Needle-Free Diabetes Care: Innovations in Diagnosis and Market Transformation

Published Date : Aug 2023
Author : Shruti Gaikwad

Introduction To Disease:

Diabetes has emerged as a highly prevalent chronic ailments, affecting a large portion of the global population.  It mostly occurs due to immunological issues, genetics, and other variables that affect the human body, which result in the impairment of essential functions and the development of insulin resistance, among other factors.

Diabetes encompasses two primary subtypes: Types 1 and 2. Diabetes type 1 is brought on by insufficient insulin production in the pancreas. Contrarily, type 2 stems from deteriorating insulin sensitivity and increasing insulin resistance. Notably, over 90% of individuals with diabetes fall under the Type 2 category. M Worldwide, men, women, and children of all ages are affected by diabetes. According to WHO, diabetes currently affects more than 500 million people. Within the next 30 years, it is anticipated that this figure will surpass 1.3 billion people. This growing prevalence is creating a need for novel innovations in disease diagnosis.

Will the millions of people with diabetes finally be relieved from the daily ritual of finger pricking to check blood sugar levels?

A lancet is typically used to prick the fingertips of diabetic’s multiple times a day in order to check their blood sugar levels. This is uncomfortable and painful for many, which results in less frequent testing and consequently worse control of blood sugar levels. Innovative technologies are transforming the diabetes market in addition to revolutionizing how people check their blood sugar levels. This blog will look at different cutting-edge products that make blood sugar monitoring painless and their significant effects on the diabetic market.

Several companies are working to provide non-invasive glucose monitoring techniques to improve the lives of millions of people with diabetes. However, it is challenging to make these procedures as accurate as conventional test strips. Businesses that can overcome the difficulties of measuring glucose affordably and accurately without the use of needles stand to benefit from the blood glucose monitor market, which is expanding quickly. Let us understand and explore the area of innovations brought by various companies in order to make the diagnosis process easier. 

  • D-Base

The German company DiaMonTech created the shoebox-sized blood sugar monitor known as D-Base. By bypassing an infrared laser through the skin of a finger and forcing the glucose in the skin to convert the light to heat, the device detects blood sugar levels. The device then determines glucose levels based on the rise in skin temperature. The temperature rise is too small for the user to perceive.

  • Eversense

Eversense is a subcutaneous implant that continually monitors blood glucose levels. It was created by the American company Senseonics and is offered by Ascensia Diabetes Care. Although a doctor must first implant the sensor beneath the skin, it can last for up to three months before needing to be replaced. Device measure glucose in the interstitial fluid under the skin of the upper arm by using a polymer that fluoresces in response to the levels of blood sugar.

  • GlucoTrack

The GlucoTrack device uses a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and thermal waves to monitor blood sugar levels. The sensor is fastened to the ear to give a readout. The gadget is marketed in Europe and is intended for persons with type 2 diabetes.

  • glucoWISE

A sensor called glucoWISE is currently being developed which checks blood sugar levels by just touching the skin between the thumb and forefinger. After that, a smartphone app receives real-time measurements. By using a specific frequency of radio waves to measure blood glucose levels, the developers believe the device would be more accurate than other wireless glucose monitors.

  • NovioSense

NovioSense is a blood sugar monitor that is placed under the lower eyelid, from where it can wirelessly send glucose measurements directly to a smartphone. The device consists of a flexible metal coil. The coil is covered by a protective layer of soft hydrogel. The coil can measure minute-to-minute changes in the glucose levels of tear fluid by using the same enzyme technology on which conventional glucose strip tests are based. According to results from a clinical study published in 2020, the device is comparable in accuracy to the Freestyle Libre.

  • SugarBEAT

SugarBEAT is a replaceable skin patch attached to a transmitter suitable for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as pre-diabetes. By applying a little electric current to the skin and pulling out a sample of the interstitial fluid, which is located immediately below the skin, the device monitors blood glucose levels non-invasively. 

The transmitter, which is rechargeable, sends data to the user’s phone every five minutes using Bluetooth and the readings can be monitored using an accompanying app. 

Thus, by considering the aforementioned examples, a significant change in the way diabetes is controlled and monitored is being brought about by the development of needle-free diabetes management devices. As these cutting-edge technologies develop, they are not only improving the lives of people with diabetes but also changing the diabetes market as a whole.

"Reshaping the Diabetes Market: Painless Diagnosis Promotes Expansion and Innovations"

The latest wave in the diabetes market has been started by the introduction of needle-free diabetes care and the quick spread of cutting-edge monitoring gadgets. The market as a whole and the companies that are generating these ground-breaking innovations are both entering a new age of growth as a result of these rising trends. Increased demand for needle-free devices is being driven by a rise in patient satisfaction, propelling market expansion at an unheard-of rate.

Companies that are leading the development and production of needle-free diabetes management products are experiencing the potential for exponential growth. These companies are establishing their position as industry leaders and reshaping the competitive environment as they solve the long-standing difficulties associated with conventional diabetes management. These organizations stand out, attract investments, establish partnerships, and increase their market presence because of the seamless integration of technology, telemedicine, and patient-centric design. These innovations have paved the way for new R&D opportunities and have ultimately fuelled a dynamic ecosystem of growth within the diabetes sector.


Future advancements in the field of diabetes diagnosis ensure a promising future and in this realm of progress, Disease Landscape Insights (DLI) Healthcare Consultancy is prepared to be a beacon of light. Because of our knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry for the diabetes market, we are able to successfully navigate the complex world of diabetes innovation and provide customized solutions that smoothly incorporate cutting-edge technologies into business operations.

DLI is focused to make sure that businesses and stakeholders remain at the forefront of the diabetes treatment and diagnosis segment, whether it's by utilizing the power of AI-driven diagnostic tools. Your business can confidently embrace these game-changing developments with our constant support, boosting patient care, improving results, and helping to create a healthier, brighter future for everyone. Join us on this journey together as we travel the road to innovation.

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